Unit 1: Properties of matter

Our first unit for Grade 6 science is:  ‘Structure & Properties of Matter’. Along with learning about matter and its properties, students will become familiar with various lab equipment and lab safety measures. This will allow them to learn about the measurements of matter’s properties and focus on accuracy and the ‘Standard System of Measurement’. The Metric System is used throughout the scientific community, and the students will practice and use it throughout the year. Further into the unit, we will investigate changes in temperature and states of matter. Throughout our unit we focus on inquiry based learning. Following are the learning targets for this unit. Students will be able to:

  • Make and write detailed observations

  • Explain that matter has characteristic properties

  • Make accurate metric measurements of properties(mass, length, volume)

  • Successfully collect, organize, and explain scientific data

  • Investigate and explain changes in temperature and state of matter.

  • Ask effective questions that lead to further investigation.

  • Clearly communicate the findings of their investigations

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