Reassessment Policy

MS Science Reassessment Policy

We understand that learning is a journey and that we learn from our mistakes. There are times when a student may wish to reassess on a summative assessment. Reassessment is not necessary on a formative assessment because formative assessments take place during continued instruction on standards. Teachers and students use feedback on formative assessments to improve learning.

Students may have an opportunity to retake summative assessments in order to demonstrate an improved understanding of a skill or concept. To be reassessed, students should do the following within 2 weeks of grade posting on Power School. No retakes during the final week of grading period.

  1. ANALYZE:  Determine what learning target(s) they need to work on by looking closely at their mistakes on the assessment. NOTE: If they are missing any formative assignment connected to the learning targets, they first need to complete those assignments.
  2.  PLAN: Create a plan to improve. The plan may include some of the following: flashcards, notes from your text or teacher website resources, assessment corrections, extra reading, or other improvement plans.
  3. DISCUSS: Share plan with your teacher.
  4.  SHOW READINESS:  Bring evidence of learning to the reassessment.
  5.  SCHEDULE: Discuss with your teacher and schedule a time to reassess. Reassessment can not take place during regular class time. Plan ahead and make sure there is time to reassess.

Remember that reassessment is another opportunity to demonstrate learning. Hence, the student must take the initiative and responsibility to reassess.