Unit I: Properties of Matter

Essential questions                          Vocabulary list


I can…

  •  make and write detailed observations
  •  explain that matter has characteristic properties
  •  make accurate metric measurements of properties (mass, length, volume)  of matter
  •  can successfully collect, organize, and explain scientific data
  •  investigate and explain changes in temperature and states of matter
  •  ask effective questions that lead to further investigation
  •  clearly communicate the findings of my investigations


Observation vs. Inference

Metric Conversions

Mass, Triple beam balance


Video 1 : Observations & Inference (youtube video)

Video 2: Metric system 

Video 3 : Triple Beam Balance – Measuring Mass

Video 4: Volume

Video 5:  States of matter




Naturalistic Observations

Triple Beam Balance lab activity reflection

Metric conversion (I)

Mystery Canisters

Metric scavenger hunt

States of Matter– Notes

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